Reception Food & Drink Ideas

Whether you hire a caterer, or are making your own, food presentation really is important. Your dishes should look as yummy as they taste. They should look fresh and full and cohesive, not like a sad metal tray of slop. Invest in cute serving ware, table runners and signage.

Same goes for drinks/bars. Keep it fun, easy to access and adorable! Next to watching you get married, your guests are there for the food and drinks! Show them a good time, it really is the best THANK YOU a couple can give to their guests. (click photos for source)


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Beer & Brides

When we lived in Colorado, it was the first time in my life that I realized people are obsessed with beer. According to the Brewers Association, Colorado is number 4 of having the most breweries per capita. I’ve been to the Coors Brewery at least 4 times. Then we moved to Washington, and although there aren’t as many big breweries, it seems EVERYONE is a home brewer. I babysit for a man who own the local brewery supply store, my mom works for a Mead Brewery, and our neighbor just opened up a pretty awesome bottle shop. There are also at least 3 small brewery restaurants within 5 minutes of our front door.

Confession time: I hate beer. All of it. I can occasional stomach a Corona or Land Shark with lots of lime in the summer, and I don’t mind a pear cider, the rest tastes like sucking on rubber bands. Yuck. My husband LOVES beer though, loves it! So I’m around it a lot, and I can appreciate what beer brings to the table. I can also see what beer brings to the wedding world!






-Breweries….and more! (click photos for source)



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Naked Wedding Cake

I saw this on Pinterest the other day, and I thought it was soooo cool! Then I was telling a co-worker about it, and she said its a new trend. So I’m blogging about it! I really do think this is genius, it saves on calories, money, how heavy the cake is, and it gives it a great natural look. I know some people might think its weird, but I’m loving it!

This first cake was actually Hilary Duff’s Cake…swoon I love her! So I included a photo from her wedding too! (click photos for source)

Ok onto more Naked Cakes

Also it’s not a traditional Wedding Cake, but a Norwegian Wedding (also known as a┬áKransekake) cake has a pretty awesome “naked” look too!


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