Beer & Brides

When we lived in Colorado, it was the first time in my life that I realized people are obsessed with beer. According to the Brewers Association, Colorado is number 4 of having the most breweries per capita. I’ve been to the Coors Brewery at least 4 times. Then we moved to Washington, and although there aren’t as many big breweries, it seems EVERYONE is a home brewer. I babysit for a man who own the local brewery supply store, my mom works for a Mead Brewery, and our neighbor just opened up a pretty awesome bottle shop. There are also at least 3 small brewery restaurants within 5 minutes of our front door.

Confession time: I hate beer. All of it. I can occasional stomach a Corona or Land Shark with lots of lime in the summer, and I don’t mind a pear cider, the rest tastes like sucking on rubber bands. Yuck. My husband LOVES beer though, loves it! So I’m around it a lot, and I can appreciate what beer brings to the table. I can also see what beer brings to the wedding world!






-Breweries….and more! (click photos for source)



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Engagement Photo Locations

Elaborate engagement photos are a relatively new thing, and people are getting so creative with their props/locations. It’s such a cute way to really show off your style and who you are as a couple. Plus I think they are often more useful than wedding photos, as far as displaying and giving to friends and family. Anyway I thought I’d put together a collection of some pretty awesome Engagement photo locations (click photos for source)



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Coffee and White

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, coffee is almost as cool as moss and umbrellas at a wedding…duh. The “coffee theme” is also very diverse. Mugs, Beans, Flavor, Favors, Drinks, Photo Props, Photo Shoot, Filters, Dye…and on and on. It can also be cheap ESPECIALLY if you buy old coffee at discount food stores. Who care if it tastes good in a vase? (click photos for source)



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