The Anti-Flower Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers can be expensive if you pay someone else to do them. Difficult if you try to do them yourself, AND they die, wilt, drop pedals, and are just all around very temperamental. However Brides of today will note there are tons of ideas if you don’t want to go the real flower route. Check these cute ideas out! (click photo for source)

Lets start with Boutonnieres!

Moving on to Boquets:

Its all Broochs!

And for Centerpieces:

They're Paper!

More Paper Flowers

















Chevron Wedding Theme

Chevron or Zig Zag is super popular these days in home decor, but it can also be used for a wedding! There are a lot of great fabrics, textiles, dishes, and jewelry that can be used for this theme. Plus a little tape and spray paint and you can have an easy DIY chevron pattern on anything! (click photo for source)

Bridal Nails

I let my nails grow out for my wedding, and now I’m obsessed. I change my nail color every Sunday evening!

For my own wedding I did the “Ring Bling” Finger, looks a little something like this:


I’m ALL about a glittery nail this year! There are so many fun ways to wear it, that add a fun touch.

At the total oposite end of the spectrum, Im also in love with Nude and Neutral nail colors! Great for Bridesmaids too!

Gloss Nude!

Matte Nude!


Last but not least, you could always rock the ‘stache Nails