Around Your Neck

I went to a wedding this weekend where both the bride and groom sported some pretty snazzy accessories. All of the bridesmaids wore gold dresses with bold turquoise jewelry like this, the bride wore gold/champagne pearls, and all of the grooms(men) wore ties from this Etsy shop in blue and copper. Isn’t this a beautiful couple?

Statement necklaces are very in style right now, and I LOVE them. Personally I’m not very good at accessorizing, but with a big bold necklace, it can be really simple, and chic! I kind of wish I had worn a bright bold necklace on my wedding day. I also know this beautiful couple below! Check out Tricia’s STUNNER of a necklace (I’m pretty sure it was J.Crew)…love! (click photos for source)

And in case you are looking for some awesome necklaces, or ties, check here:

VaVa Bow ties

Sincerely Cornelius Bow Ties

Every Job Counts Bow Ties

Little Gentlemen Bow Ties (For Ring-bearers)

General Knot and Co. Ties

Dolbeau Ties

Scatterbrain Ties

Doug and Gene Meyer Ties

Kate Spade (splurge! It’s your wedding day!)

J. Crew Jewelry

Bubble Jewelry (Cheap for bridesmaids!)

Love Obsessed Jewelry


Tied Bow Events

Keeping it Short

My best friend got married on March 3rd, in the cutest tea length wedding dress she had made on Etsy. Everyone I showerd photos too immediately explaimed how cute her short dress was, and I agree! See…

I think short dresses are the bee’s knees….or the bride’s kness…ba-dum-DUM! Any-who I think more ladies need to jump on this bandwagon, it’s so much easier to dance, pee, hug, walk, show off shoes, in a short dress! And they are often cheaper because they are less fabric! (click photos for source)

Grooms in Color

I wish I could have found more actual wedding party’s (Groomsmen) in bright colors, but alas, it either is such a new style that there aren’t any photos, or I’m alone in my love of brights. One of my favorite reality stars Brad Goreskie (from Rachel Zoe’s show) might be one of the best dressed man on TV. I DIE for his color block suits and Christian Louboutin’s Rollerball Spike shoes. Now of course I don’t expect grooms to be quite that flashy, but I think we could all take a page out of his book, and spice things up for spring! (click photos for source)