Including the Pets

It was so important for us to include our cat in our wedding. She really is the little love of our lives, and it would have felt wrong to not include her! Some might say we are crazy cat people…and we would agree. A few ways we included Hula (our cat)

-Cat shaped table numbers

-She was in our wedding invitation design, and we used a photo of here for a sticker to seal our envelopes.

-Her photo was on the front of our guest book

-We spoke of her in our vows

-We did trivia about things we like on all the coasters, and had some cat questions.

Now it may look like a lot of things, but I swear it was very subtle and people thought it was adorable!

Here are a few fun ideas for how you could include your pet in your wedding (click photo for source):

Hope everyone is home snuggling their pets! We get to see our girl tomorrow when we come home from vacation.



Wedding Pies!

In honor of Thanksgiving and because I baked FIVE Pies today, I thought I would do a little pie post.

I’ve heard that “Pie is the new cupcake” in the wedding world. Both full size pies and mini personal pies, and lolipop pies! Here are some great Wedding Pie Ideas!

Hope everyone enjoys their day with their families and good food tomorrow!!


Tied Bow Events

Patterned Bridesmaid Dresses

I debated posting about this, because I think it’s a risky move. Done right a Patterned bridesmaid dress could be awesome, but it could also be too busy and distracting and…err…tacky.

I wish I knew a rule of thumb to determine where that line is crossed, but I don’t. It boils down to taste and the overall look and style of your wedding. I applaud any bride who is able to pull it off.

Here are a few Pattern Options, and a few real weddings (click photos for source)





I love them all! Props to any brave bride who can pull this look off!


Tied Bow Events