Needle and Thread Wedding

I love when couples do a wedding theme that really represent them, or a hobby or interest. I love it even more if that do that theme in a tasteful and creative way. None of THIS folks.

It’s important to be subtle, and to find the “beautiful and bridal” characteristics of your interest. For instance SEWING! Yeah some people might see sewing or knitting as only the product that is created, but the tools used in these hobbies are often the best decor. Thread and string and ribbon! Embroidery hoops, buttons, zippers! Spools, fabric scraps, the list goes on. These items are often inexpensive, and come in tons of colors! And oh how gorgeous and whimsy they look as a centerpiece. (click photos for source)


Preppy Wedding

Preppy is such a great word, and style. It encompasses so many different activities, colors, patterns, and yet still it’s so recognizable as that classic American chic. Headbands, Stripes, Nautical, Equestrian, Polo, Croquet, Ice Tea, Bow Ties, Rope, Clean, Sweaters, boats…oh the list could go on.¬† A wedding can have a strong Preppy theme in Navy and Green, or a faint Preppy¬† feel with knots on Napkins and Bows on Dresses. (click photo for source)

Blair and Chuck...for my sister.


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