Dressing the Littles

Unfortunately we didn’t have any flower girls or ring bearers at our wedding. Surprisingly there was only one baby, and one child under the age of 13 at our wedding. None of my friends have babies yet. Needless to say, had their been little ones playing a role in our wedding, I would have loved to pick out what they would wear! Kids clothes are sooo cute.

The current trend in little girl wedding fashion is obviously the tulle (which in case you wondered is pronounced like TOOL, not like TWO-LAY) dresses, often handmade, and dare I say, often a little….trashy? Seriously though, the strapless, or halter top tulle dresses you can buy on Etsy, or make yourself are just not my thing. I think they look cheap, and not age appropriate. And whatever that mesh stuff is that you can SEE THROUGH that is used for the bodice is gross. Please let this trend die….soon.

Not that you can’t do a cute tulle flower girl dress, because you can!!! See examples here, here and here, but whatever this is, should be burned (obviously after removing it from the child)

Now that I have probably offended every bride in America, let me show you some examples of what I believe to be truly classy, adorable, and appropriate outfits for the little ones in your wedding (click photos for source)


Tied Bow Events

One thought on “Dressing the Littles

  1. Ha! I agree. I had no idea there were people out there making strapless flower girl dresses. Too much too soon! Our niece was our flower girl, her dress was a special order request from Etsy. I wish I could share the artist but I didn’t place the order. Anyhow, the dress was a surprise and we completely loved it – so fitting! Here is a picture and a shout out to our photographer Lucas Henning of Henning Photography (in Bellingham – http://www.lhenning.com/) in case anyone is searching…http://www.lhenning.com/photos/i-VcgTH5M/0/XL/i-VcgTH5M-XL.jpg

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