Bellingham Wedding Blog

We love sharing wedding inspiration with local (and non-local) brides and grooms here at Tied Bow Inspiration. Now that we have been blogging for over a year, we would love to start focusing more on resources and features for Whatcom County, and Bellingham brides and Grooms.

That being said, we need your help!

If you were married in Whatcom county in the last 3 years, and would be willing to share some of your professional photos, and wedding day info with us, we would love to feature you! Please email us at info(at)tiedbow(dot)com as well as share this with friends or family who may want to participate as well.

Same goes for Whatcom County wedding vendors! Are you a caterer, venue, florist, dress shop, etc who has professional photos of your services? Please contact us!

Bellingham seriously lacks a good local wedding inspiration blog, and we would love be that!

We aspire to provide beautiful images of REAL local weddings to help Brides and Grooms with the planning process. As well as providing proper links and information to the vendors local brides and grooms use.

Again please contact us at info(at)tiedbow(dot)com


Morgan Gaunt

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