Wedding Trend: Mercury Glass and Mirrors


Wondering what Mercury Glass actually is?

A: Mercury glass is the common term for silvered glass, which describes glass that was blown double walled, then silvered between the layers with a liquid silvering solution, and sealed.

Who knew? Although that is real Mercury Glass, what you find nowadays in stores is:

There are many reproductions currently marketed as “mercury glass,” in table form, ornaments and other objects. New “mercury glass,” can be distinguished from antique silvered glass in several ways, including lack of a double wall, and solid bottoms that are different from true antique silvered glass.

Either way its super GLAM! I love it. It can be both rustic and polished looking. Along side Mercury Glass is the more traditional mirrored look. Mirrors can be purchased in many forms, and used for all sorts of decorations. They help reflect light and make things glow and multiply, giving your centerpieces more “body” great if your on a budget! (Click photos for source)


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