Wedding Trend: Galvanized & Tin

If you are getting married this month, or are in the wedding business, than hats off to you, because its been a crazy busy month! There are so many parties, fairs, weddings going on, I don’t know how anyone has a free weekend in August.
Todays post is about wedding material, no not tulle, not taffeta, not burlap (all you rustic chic brides!) I’m talking about TIN and GALVANIZED STEEL! I know what your thinking, not very bridal, but it really is! There are so many great tubs, buckets, vases, trays that can be used to decorate your wedding, spring, summer or fall! And it’s cheap too! Check out your local home improvement store (in the garden or plumbing sections), farm supply store, or online at Save On Crafts. Seriously folks, if BHLDN loves galvanized, then so do we! (click photos for source)


Tied Bow Events

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