Head Tables & Sweetheart Tables

There are usually two options when doing wedding seating. A Head Table, which is a long (sometimes round) table at the front of the room where the wedding party, and bride and groom sit. Sometimes if it’s a large table (or a small wedding party) family will sit at this table as well. A head table makes toasts easy to view and for great photo ops.

The second option is a Sweetheart Table. This is usually a smaller round (sometimes square) table set near the front of the room where the bride and groom sit alone. The benefits of a Sweetheart table are, a great photo-op, smaller to decorate, the bride and groom have quiet time, and it gives your bridal party a chance to sit with their significant others, or friends.

I would say Sweetheart tables are definitely on the trend right now, but Head Tables are still probably the most common. I think its best to think about the space you are working in, and whether or not your wedding party WANT to sit in a big row, or if they would rather sit amongst the guests.

I’m loving the trend of using a vintage bright-colored love seat for the bride and groom either way. Seriously how great would it be to have a little couch to kick back on during our wedding?! In general having 2 unique chairs can be a great way to signify where the new couple sits.  (click photos for source)


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