Winter Wedding Flowers

Everyone knows that going with in season flowers is the best way to save time and money. Ordering flowers can also be kind of risky…what if they show up wilted or dead? In the winter though, it can be harder to find a good flowers. November-March are usually “Off-season” where venues and vendors often give discounts to brides, saving you big bucks and making it well worth it to do a winter wedding.

Here are some great flower options if you do decide to do a winter wedding. (click on photo for source)

Oh and I’ll start with a good list of Winter Flowers:

Winter Wedding Flowers

Amaryllis * Red, White

Anemone * Blue, red, pink, white * Jan-May and Aug-Dec.

Bells of Ireland * Green * January-October

Camellias * White, Pink

Casa Blanca Lily * White * January-October

Cosmos * Pink, White, Brown, Other Colors

Daffodil * Yellow * January-Early May

Forget-me-nots * Blue

Holly * Green with Red Berries

Jasmine * White

Narcissus * White, Yellow

Poinsettia * Red, White

Ranunculus * white, pink, red, orange and yellow * February-May

Star Gazer Lily * Pink and White * January-October

Star of Bethlehem * White

Sweetpea * white, pink, red/coral, and lavender/purple * December-May

Tulip * Many colors, including white, pink, yellow, red, and purple * December-April

Waxflower * Pink, White



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